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Modified LM Transform Layer
by Stan Listed Dec 24 2020, 09:29
Added opacity, visibility and blur controls, and also the bounding box color is changed to green
Downloads: 263
Recolor Layer by Stan Listed Dec 23 2020, 19:38
Change all strokes/fills colors, add round corners, or create noisy line width
Downloads: 195
Copy Layer Parameters
by Stan Listed Dec 23 2020, 19:24
Copy the parameters from one layer to others
Downloads: 228
Swap View Mode
by Stan Listed Dec 23 2020, 19:15
A button to quickly swap the view mode to wireframe and back
Downloads: 187
Current Frame to PNG
by Stan Listed Dec 23 2020, 19:09
Renders the current frame and saves it as a PNG (with transparency). The same as if you hit Ctrl+R and use the "Save as PNG", but in a single click.
Downloads: 187
Top Layers to PNGs by Stan Listed Dec 23 2020, 19:02
Export the top layers of the project as separate PNG files with transparency. This allows you to import your project into Photoshop as separate raster layers.
Downloads: 154
Rotating Bone by Stan Listed Dec 23 2020, 16:40
Automatically rotates bones whos names start with "Wheel"
Downloads: 272
Rename Smart Bone by Stan Listed Oct 23 2020, 23:11
Renames a smart (or regular) bone and its actions
Downloads: 173
Add Keyframe
by Stan Listed Sep 21 2020, 22:24
An alternative to the built-in Crl+F command.
Downloads: 256
Tweak for Select Shape
by A.Evseeva Listed Sep 21 2020, 11:14
Select shape by name, turn shape on and off, trace outlines, fixed up/down moving of several shapes at a time
Downloads: 219
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