Category: Bones

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MR Bake Bone Dynamics
by eugenebabich Listed Jan 29 2023, 19:40
This script allows you to bake the movement of the bones created by bone dynamics.
Downloads: 372
Create Limb 2
by Danfield Listed Nov 08 2022, 08:08
Like Create Limb, but better!
Downloads: 698
Seamless rotation maker by A.Evseeva Listed Aug 26 2022, 07:35
Create bone system to seamlessly rotate bone 360+ with correct use of smartbone actions associated with it.
Downloads: 465
Fix IK by A.Evseeva Listed Aug 26 2022, 07:26
Remove restrictions preventing the use of IK for selected two bones
Downloads: 330
Bone Dynamics Switch by Danfield Listed Jul 11 2022, 02:09
Turn on/off bone dynamics without changing other settings
Downloads: 319
Toggle Color Bones
by Lukas Listed Jul 04 2022, 04:36
Toggle Color Bones visibility
Downloads: 436
Push parenting by A.Evseeva Listed Jun 11 2022, 04:19
Move layer-to-bone link into group layer's child layers
Downloads: 285
Wave Inbetweener by A.Evseeva Listed Apr 19 2022, 00:03
Calculates frames between two keys of bone chain wavely motion
Downloads: 322
Bone Magnet
by A.Evseeva Listed Apr 17 2022, 14:24
Just like point magnet, but for bones.
Downloads: 604
Fixes all the angle animation both in Mainline and actions to not to change after Independent angle value flipped
Downloads: 497
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