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SS - Add Warp Layer
by simplsam Listed Dec 18 2023, 03:54
Add & Assign an empty Mesh Warp Layer
Downloads: 216
Tagger by Lukas Listed Sep 26 2023, 14:34
Quickly tag layers with 'rig' or 'anim' tags.
Downloads: 325
SS - Clear Copy FBF Layer
by simplsam Listed Sep 21 2023, 00:39
Creates a cleared copy of the current FBF Layer. FBF Frames/Cels are maintained.
Downloads: 238
MR Path
by eugenebabich Listed Jun 25 2023, 07:52
Draw bone and point trajectories over all layers for spacing analysis.
Downloads: 1149
SS - Multi Layer Transform Points
by simplsam Listed Jun 04 2023, 05:42
Quickly Select & Transform multiple points across multiple selected layer groups (ver +1.04)
Downloads: 688
Mask Settings
by Lukas Listed May 16 2023, 07:43
Toolbar to adjust masking settings for layers
Downloads: 638
MR Tween Machine
by eugenebabich Listed Mar 19 2023, 17:02
This script is very helpful in controlling the rhythm of the animation. Create overshoots and just adjust the spacing.
Downloads: 1613
MR Bake Bone Dynamics
by eugenebabich Listed Jan 29 2023, 19:40
This script allows you to bake the movement of the bones created by bone dynamics.
Downloads: 1021
SS - SVG Import
by simplsam Listed Oct 26 2022, 17:08
Improved SVG vector import -- Layer Grouping, Masking, Colors, Adobe Illustrator & Affinity Designer friendly !! (ver 1.12 for Moho 12.5 & 13.5 only)
Downloads: 2915
SS - Reference Layer Update+
by simplsam Listed Sep 15 2022, 10:00
Update Reference Layers + Point Bindings. Accessible via button/keyboard shortcut, and remembers settings (ver 1.10)
Downloads: 565
by A.Evseeva Listed Jun 26 2022, 14:08
Apply marked frames of actions to main timeline with buttons
Downloads: 1214
Set Origin
by Lukas Listed Jun 24 2022, 05:25
Allows the Origin to be animated.
Downloads: 1035
MR Curve Tool
by eugenebabich Listed Jun 19 2022, 08:59
This tool allows you to create points in Moho by just clicking the left mouse button instead of dragging and holding.
Downloads: 2570
Hide/Show Shy Points
by Lukas Listed Jun 02 2022, 14:01
Button that toggles visibility of Shy Points set with LK_SelectPoints
Downloads: 903
Select Points
by Lukas Listed Jun 02 2022, 08:05
Select Points mod with Color-points, Shy-points and more
Downloads: 1193
MR Transform Rig Tool
by eugenebabich Listed May 30 2022, 06:38
This tool allows you to transform parts of the rig without breaking its actions.
Downloads: 1993
by Lukas Listed Apr 19 2022, 07:12
Render and overwrite .PNG sequences
Downloads: 820
FO_Utilities by Lukas Listed Apr 19 2022, 07:03
Utility file needed for scripts by Lukas Krepel, Frame Order
Downloads: 2891
by strider2000 Listed Jan 29 2022, 08:48
Allows animators to easily add lip sync to characters.
Downloads: 1647
Bone Constraints Helper
by Danfield Listed Jan 20 2022, 11:07
Handy tool for working with bone constraints
Downloads: 965
MR Continue Animation
by eugenebabich Listed Dec 27 2021, 06:56
Script allows you to extend the existing animation to the current frame based on two neighboring keyframes.
Downloads: 1415
Select Bonelayer
by Danfield Listed Dec 08 2021, 00:53
Select parent bone layer
Downloads: 745
MR Overlay
by eugenebabich Listed Dec 06 2021, 02:59
Script allows you to create an “overlay” - a new layer that can be used as a visual reference.
Downloads: 1613
SS - Virtual Bones
by simplsam Listed Nov 02 2021, 01:05
Create, Display and Render custom vector bones a.k.a Virtual Bones (ver 1.1)
Downloads: 822
MR Guides
by eugenebabich Listed Oct 17 2021, 15:05
Create and edit guides without leaving the current layer and action.
Downloads: 2094
Reset layer origin by A.Evseeva Listed Sep 14 2021, 01:01
Sets layer origin to [0,0] without changing of visual layer position (transforming its vertices instead)
Downloads: 966
Zoom selection
by A.Evseeva Listed Jun 06 2021, 02:34
Zoom viewport to selected points' or bones' bounding box
Downloads: 783
Modified transform bone tool by A.Evseeva Listed Apr 30 2021, 06:19
Labels, paths, custom step and so on
Downloads: 1555
AE Action tools
by A.Evseeva Listed Apr 12 2021, 06:11
Control which actions use selected bones or points and remove unwanted uses
Downloads: 816
Reassign Styles by strider2000 Listed Jan 22 2021, 21:45
This script allows you to reassign styles within your character.
Downloads: 863
msDialog by strider2000 Listed Jan 22 2021, 21:37
Utility routines for easily writing dialogs for scripts.
Downloads: 1754
Merge skeletons by A.Evseeva Listed Jan 21 2021, 11:37
Merge bones from a nested skeleton layer into parent layer skeleton
Downloads: 1363
Reset layer transform by A.Evseeva Listed Jan 18 2021, 01:15
Resets transform moving it to direct child layers
Downloads: 1210
Smartbone Fixer
by eugenebabich Listed Dec 30 2020, 14:11
This script allows you to correct actions after insignificant bone transformations.
Downloads: 1005
Layer Inspector
by Stan Listed Dec 27 2020, 10:28
Shows the selected layer's info. Useful for those who writes scripts for Moho.
Downloads: 647
Multilayer magnet
by A.Evseeva Listed Sep 15 2020, 08:55
Magnet working with all the selected layers.
Downloads: 958