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SS - Select Keys
by simplsam Listed Dec 08 2023, 20:33
Quickly select all active object property keyframes in the timeline
Downloads: 213
WP Platter Control
by wigglepixel Listed Dec 07 2023, 18:59
Animate (rotational) Bone Speeds with Accerelation/Deceleration with ease by Keyframing Speed instead of Angles.
Downloads: 233
MR Pose Tool
by eugenebabich Listed Aug 14 2023, 06:38
Plan and polish your animation with ease!
Downloads: 2128
MR Path
by eugenebabich Listed Jun 25 2023, 07:52
Draw bone and point trajectories over all layers for spacing analysis.
Downloads: 1149
SS - Multi Layer Transform Points
by simplsam Listed Jun 04 2023, 05:42
Quickly Select & Transform multiple points across multiple selected layer groups (ver +1.04)
Downloads: 688
by Lukas Listed May 25 2023, 06:25
Flip through Storyboard as Tracing Image
Downloads: 696
Layer Visibility
by Lukas Listed May 24 2023, 15:08
Toggles Visibility for selected layers
Downloads: 622
Layer Opacity
by Lukas Listed May 23 2023, 07:06
Layer Opacity
Downloads: 650
Nudge Keys
by Lukas Listed May 22 2023, 08:59
Nudge Keys Toolset
Downloads: 666
MR Tween Machine
by eugenebabich Listed Mar 19 2023, 17:02
This script is very helpful in controlling the rhythm of the animation. Create overshoots and just adjust the spacing.
Downloads: 1613
MR Key Motion
by eugenebabich Listed Feb 25 2023, 19:21
This script helps you to smooth your animation in a fast and convenient way.
Downloads: 1369
MR Bake Bone Dynamics
by eugenebabich Listed Jan 29 2023, 19:40
This script allows you to bake the movement of the bones created by bone dynamics.
Downloads: 1021
HS Shape
by hayasidist Listed Dec 10 2022, 06:57
Draws various shapes
Downloads: 914
Create Limb 2
by Danfield Listed Nov 08 2022, 08:08
Like Create Limb, but better!
Downloads: 1577
by hayasidist Listed Oct 23 2022, 14:54
Draws a path similarly to drawing with a spirograph.
Downloads: 558
SS - Cycle Keys
by simplsam Listed Oct 01 2022, 00:33
Quickly create cycled keyframes in the timeline - using existing keyframes and optionally the current frame position
Downloads: 960
Seamless rotation maker by A.Evseeva Listed Aug 26 2022, 07:35
Create bone system to seamlessly rotate bone 360+ with correct use of smartbone actions associated with it.
Downloads: 869
Deselect All by A.Evseeva Listed Aug 23 2022, 03:33
Deselect any keys, vertices and bones in every layer.
Downloads: 561
Toggle Color Bones
by Lukas Listed Jul 04 2022, 04:36
Toggle Color Bones visibility
Downloads: 993
Selected Keys to Zero
by Lukas Listed Jun 29 2022, 04:13
Move selected keys to frame 0
Downloads: 932
by A.Evseeva Listed Jun 26 2022, 14:08
Apply marked frames of actions to main timeline with buttons
Downloads: 1214
by Lukas Listed Jun 25 2022, 03:42
Jump through the timeline by amount of frames/times or to document/layer markers
Downloads: 801
Set Origin
by Lukas Listed Jun 24 2022, 05:25
Allows the Origin to be animated.
Downloads: 1035
MR Curve Tool
by eugenebabich Listed Jun 19 2022, 08:59
This tool allows you to create points in Moho by just clicking the left mouse button instead of dragging and holding.
Downloads: 2570
Select Points
by Lukas Listed Jun 02 2022, 08:05
Select Points mod with Color-points, Shy-points and more
Downloads: 1193
by Lukas Listed Jun 02 2022, 07:33
Modded Curvature tool
Downloads: 878
MR Transform Rig Tool
by eugenebabich Listed May 30 2022, 06:38
This tool allows you to transform parts of the rig without breaking its actions.
Downloads: 1993
FO_Utilities by Lukas Listed Apr 19 2022, 07:03
Utility file needed for scripts by Lukas Krepel, Frame Order
Downloads: 2891
Bone Magnet
by A.Evseeva Listed Apr 17 2022, 14:24
Just like point magnet, but for bones.
Downloads: 1122
Fixes all the angle animation both in Mainline and actions to not to change after Independent angle value flipped
Downloads: 902
Apply smart to grandchildren by A.Evseeva Listed Apr 09 2022, 15:28
Fix smartactions made for smartbone in top bone layer using layers driven with its child bone layers
Downloads: 884
Additive Walk Cycle by A.Evseeva Listed Apr 09 2022, 12:40
Create additive walk cycle for a bone layer
Downloads: 1191
DV Tween Machine
by davoodice Listed Mar 13 2022, 01:21
help to create break down keyframes for bone or layer transform
Downloads: 1178
Create Limb
by Danfield Listed Jan 24 2022, 11:14
Simple tool for rigging arms/legs
Downloads: 1763
Bone Constraints Helper
by Danfield Listed Jan 20 2022, 11:07
Handy tool for working with bone constraints
Downloads: 965
SS - After Effects Camera Export
by simplsam Listed Jan 14 2022, 14:58
Export Camera property & keyframe data to clipboard, ready for pasting to After Effects
Downloads: 725
Calculate and mark bone keys by A.Evseeva Listed Jan 11 2022, 12:20
Mark frames with custom number of bones keyed
Downloads: 557
SZ Bake Points
by Stan Listed Jan 06 2022, 20:43
Bakes all points in the selected layer(s) in the current frame.
Downloads: 637
MR Continue Animation
by eugenebabich Listed Dec 27 2021, 06:56
Script allows you to extend the existing animation to the current frame based on two neighboring keyframes.
Downloads: 1415
MR Overlay
by eugenebabich Listed Dec 06 2021, 02:59
Script allows you to create an “overlay” - a new layer that can be used as a visual reference.
Downloads: 1613
Allows the Anchor Point on an exposure curve to be set to any Point of the curve
Downloads: 776
MR Guides
by eugenebabich Listed Oct 17 2021, 15:05
Create and edit guides without leaving the current layer and action.
Downloads: 2094
Z-Translate With Auto-Scale
by Stan Listed Sep 02 2021, 09:16
An alternative to the Alt+Shift+Drag functionality of the LM Transform Layer tool. Allows you to precisely enter the Z value by typing in the number.
Downloads: 691
Switch Markers by Lukas Listed Aug 22 2021, 04:21
Show switch sub-layer names on timeline
Downloads: 688
MR Track Bone
by eugenebabich Listed May 09 2021, 09:49
This script allows you to track a bone globally and take its transformation to any other bone of any skeleton.
Downloads: 1901
Modified transform bone tool by A.Evseeva Listed Apr 30 2021, 06:19
Labels, paths, custom step and so on
Downloads: 1555
Recolor by A.Evseeva Listed Apr 24 2021, 13:03
Change shape color over all child layers, actions and animation
Downloads: 1334
AE Action tools
by A.Evseeva Listed Apr 12 2021, 06:11
Control which actions use selected bones or points and remove unwanted uses
Downloads: 816
AE Meshinstance
by A.Evseeva Listed Feb 13 2021, 07:09
Link mesh layers with ability to turn the link on and off
Downloads: 1225
AE Transform points and curvature
by A.Evseeva Listed Feb 12 2021, 21:53
Tweak for built-in transform points and curvature to fix errors on smartbones driven points and bezier handles
Downloads: 1440
Merge skeletons by A.Evseeva Listed Jan 21 2021, 11:37
Merge bones from a nested skeleton layer into parent layer skeleton
Downloads: 1363
Reset layer transform by A.Evseeva Listed Jan 18 2021, 01:15
Resets transform moving it to direct child layers
Downloads: 1210
Timeline Markers Tool
by Stan Listed Jan 15 2021, 22:44
Create a number of timeline markers with the interval of your choice.
Downloads: 868
Layer Selection Buttons
by Stan Listed Jan 10 2021, 19:18
Allows you to assign any layer in the project to a button for quick selection and visibility control.
Downloads: 893
Move Targeted Joint
by eugenebabich Listed Jan 08 2021, 09:07
This tool allows you to easily fine-tune the elbows and knees of your character when target bones are in use.
Downloads: 2400
Smartbone Fixer
by eugenebabich Listed Dec 30 2020, 14:11
This script allows you to correct actions after insignificant bone transformations.
Downloads: 1005
Bone Selection Buttons
by Stan Listed Dec 28 2020, 23:51
Buttons that can be assigned for quick selection of bones.
Downloads: 1073
Recolor Shape
by Stan Listed Dec 26 2020, 23:50
Quickly change shape's color, creating a keyframe.
Downloads: 747
Adjust Line Width
by Stan Listed Dec 26 2020, 23:40
Adjust the line width by adding/subtracting or by multiplying/dividing.
Downloads: 931
Modified LM Transform Layer
by Stan Listed Dec 24 2020, 09:29
Added opacity, visibility and blur controls, and also the bounding box color is changed to green
Downloads: 965
Add Keyframe
by Stan Listed Sep 21 2020, 22:24
An alternative to the built-in Crl+F command.
Downloads: 887
Tweak for Select Shape
by A.Evseeva Listed Sep 21 2020, 11:14
Select shape by name, turn shape on and off, trace outlines, fixed up/down moving of several shapes at a time
Downloads: 875
Tweak for Curve Exposure
by A.Evseeva Listed Sep 19 2020, 23:04
Pick the end or start of curve exposure by mouse click
Downloads: 773
Multilayer magnet
by A.Evseeva Listed Sep 15 2020, 08:55
Magnet working with all the selected layers.
Downloads: 958
AE Key Tools
by A.Evseeva Listed Jul 14 2020, 08:28
Multiple buttons combined to a tool for manipulating keys in character animation.
Downloads: 2027
AE Mix Smartbones
by A.Evseeva Listed Jul 14 2020, 07:54
Mix two smartbones or tune one smartbone without opening its action
Downloads: 2134