Category: Layers

Place layer in/out of group by A.Evseeva Listed Apr 30 2021, 07:42
Put selected layer into selected group or out to root, saving its visible transform
Downloads: 73
Invert layer transform by A.Evseeva Listed Jan 18 2021, 01:17
Inverts layer transform matrix
Downloads: 149
Reset layer transform by A.Evseeva Listed Jan 18 2021, 01:15
Resets transform moving it to direct child layers
Downloads: 170
Layer Selection Buttons
by Stan Listed Jan 10 2021, 19:18
Allows you to assign any layer in the project to a button for quick selection and visibility control.
Downloads: 130
Collapse All Groups by Stan Listed Dec 26 2020, 22:04
Menu script to collapse all groups in the Layer panel
Downloads: 95
Modified LM Transform Layer
by Stan Listed Dec 24 2020, 09:29
Added opacity, visibility and blur controls, and also the bounding box color is changed to green
Downloads: 160
Copy Layer Parameters
by Stan Listed Dec 23 2020, 19:24
Copy the parameters from one layer to others
Downloads: 109
Top Layers to PNGs by Stan Listed Dec 23 2020, 19:02
Export the top layers of the project as separate PNG files with transparency. This allows you to import your project into Photoshop as separate raster layers.
Downloads: 88
Rotating Bone by Stan Listed Dec 23 2020, 16:40
Automatically rotates bones whos names start with "Wheel"
Downloads: 151