Scripts by simplsam

SS - After Effects Camera Export
by simplsam Listed Jan 14 2022, 14:58
Export Camera property & keyframe data to clipboard, ready for pasting to After Effects
Downloads: 172
SS - Virtual Bones
by simplsam Listed Nov 02 2021, 01:05
Create, Display and Render custom vector bones (Virtual Bones)
Downloads: 249
Allows the Anchor Point on an exposure curve to be set to any Point of the curve
Downloads: 236
SS - Make Bones
by simplsam Listed Aug 28 2021, 08:29
A tool to split, clone or reform Bones
Downloads: 347
SS - Layer Sequencer
by simplsam Listed Jan 27 2021, 20:04
View & Adjust a layers' sequence offset position in the timeline
Downloads: 318